Increases the cost of everything

Prop 204 is a sales tax on nearly everything you buy in Tucson. That means the cost of our gasoline, movies, cars, restaurants, it will all go up.

In fact, if Prop 204 passes it would make Tucson one of the highest taxed cities in the nation. The combined sales tax rate in Tucson would climb to 9.1% and would move Tucson from #49 to #13 out of 116 major metro areas ranked in order of highest to lowest local combined sales tax rates

Hits working families the hardest

Prop 204 is a regressive sales tax. The people it hits hardest are the working families who are just making ends meet and cannot afford another hit in their pocketbook.

No guarantee of education funding

Even though they say the taxes from Prop 204 will be used for pre-K education, we know that once the government gets the money there are no guarantees it will actually go where it is intended. Government wastes too much of our tax money already, and they do not need more that we cannot trust to go where they say it will.

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